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Playhouse District condos

Even new condominiums in the Playhouse District reflect Southern California's Spanish Revival architecture of the 1920s. The rounded roman arches, iron work above the garage entry, the red tile roofs -- all echo  that style

With the rebirth of Old Town Pasadena came developers who saw big money-making opportunities in building new condos and lofts or condo conversions.  They developed a conservative city development plan that carefully delineated where the new condos could logically go: in the city core where multi-family housing already existed.  Size and height restrictions were also established -- and all of this continues to be argued about to this day.  Neighborhoods of single family homes were preserved and protected.    

Del Mar station surrounded by Archstone apartments The Del Mar Metro Station, 3 blocks south of Colorado St. on Raymond, is surrounded by rental units.  However, within walking distance along Arroyo Parkway and Marengo are condos as well as new stores and restaurants.

The Metro Gold Line added further impetus to the growth of condominiums in Pasadena.   Instead of a half-hour or more drive to downtown L.A. on the 110 Freeway during rush hour, the Gold Line will get you there in about  20 to 25 carefree minutes.  Interesting scenery along the way, too: quaint South Pasadena gives way to hip Highland Park then colorful Chinatown before the train pulls into the historic Union Station. With the planned extension of the Metro Gold Line eastward more development can be anticipated.

Condos at Marengo and Cordova Pasadena These brand new condos are just across Arroyo Parkway from the Del Mar Metro Station.  Nearby are new stores which cater to the young people and retirees who are often the residents of the condos and lofts in Pasadena.

To view other condos in the Old Town Pasadena and Madison Heights neighborhoods, go here.  And here.


Cottages Pasaden California These old and beautifully maintained cottages are now regarded as urban treasures in Pasadena.  Because these are located on a main thoroughfare, they are now commercial office units. Others on quieter streets are residential.

About Cottage Courts.  When Pasadena was a resort destination city over a century ago, many charming, small cottages were built all over the city -- five to nine on a lot around a central courtyard.  They were seasonal rentals for people who did not want to stay in the big resort hotels.  The city has decided that the remaining cottages cannot be torn down to put up multi-family buildings.  But owners have been given permission, in some cases, to turn the cottages into individual commercial office units and residential condos.  Needless to say, these cottages are very desirable.

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