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Pasadena was founded by Methodist farmers fleeing the harsh winters and tough farming conditions of Indiana.  They bought the land here as a group and relocated their entire midwestern community to Pasadena.  One goal of the original city plan,  was to have one church--preferably a Methodist one--at one mile intervals throughout the city.  No resident was to be more than a half mile-- an easy walking distance--from a church.  

Today, while there are not churches at one mile intervals throughout the city, there still are many churches in diverse architectural styles.  On this page is a sampling of the Pasadena churches. 

St Andrew's Catholic Church Pasadena St. Andrews Catholic church, on Raymond near Old Town Pasadena, combines a Renaissance campanile (bell tower) with a classic Romanesque church.  The bells in the tower ring on the hour and can be heard for miles. 


  Westminster Presbyterian Church Pasadena This gothic church is Westminster Presbyterian Church, located high up the hill on Lake Avenue at the boundary between Pasadena and Altadena


St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Church Just uphill on Lake Ave. and across the street from Westminster Presbyterian Church, is the St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Church.  These two churches are landmarks in the city.


All Saints Episcopal Church Pasadena All Saints Episcopal Church is located downtown near City Hall and is one of several churches within three blocks.


Holliston Community Church Pasadena The Holliston Community Church on Colorado Blvd. not far from downtown has the appearance of being one of the original churches built in Pasadena in the late 1800s.  It now serves a Korean-American community.

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